Camille Girard-Bock

Graduate student, M.Sc. Candidate
BSc with Honours in Biomedical Science – Option in Cellular and Molecular Medicine (University of Ottawa)

F.E.R studentship recipient
Joined in : September 2014

Research project :
– Drug metabolism by UGTs.

Nickname : Cam
Likes : good food, cycling, climbing, watercolor painting
Dislikes : the color turquoise, slow computers !


List of publications


– Rolland-Lagan A-G, Remmler L, Girard-Bock C. Quantifying shape changes and tissue deformation in leaf development, Plant Physiology, 2014, 165: 496-505

Poster presentations

– Girard-Bock C, Rolland-Lagan A-G. Étude de la croissance et de la forme chez Arabidopsis Thaliana: mise en place d’un modèle de simulation, BIM/BPS Poster Day, University of Ottawa (25/04/2014).

– Girard-Bock C, Godoy R, Noble S, Ekker M. Effets de la stimulation de la voie métabolique NRF2 sur
l’expression de parkin chez le poisson-zèbre, 3rd Symposium of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), University of Ottawa (04/04/2013).